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Your In Depth Guide To Epoxy Flooring In Las Vegas

Epoxy floorings are easy to work with and can be installed in almost any environment. Epoxy Flooring gives you a new level of protection from spills, chemicals, moisture, falls… The list goes on. Epoxy Flooring has become very popular in recent years because it has many advantages over other types of flooring like carpet or tile. Epoxy Flooring is more resistant to stains than hardwood flooring and lighter weight than ceramic tile. Epoxy floors have been shown to be able to withstand even the most extreme environments including steam rooms, swimming pools, pet areas…

The Benefits Of Epoxy Floors

  • Epoxies give a beautiful look that is beyond compare when compared with other finishes
  • Epoxies can be finished ourselves, meaning we save money on labor costs
  • Epoxies are easy to maintain, at a fraction of the cost of other types of flooring
  • Epoxies are easy to install and do not take long.

Formulating Epoxy Floorings Epoxy is available in liquid or powder form. Epoxy can also be mixed with many different fillers like silica sand (called hybrid epoxy). The filler helps reduce shrinkage when the product dries, making it easier to apply an even coat. The liquid version is more common because it has flexibility and ease for use. There are two basic steps used in creating epoxy floors: mixing and applying. Mixing the resin and hardener together creates a chemical reaction that causes the epoxy to set. Epoxies are typically available in 2-hour and 4-hour formulas. A laminating Epoxy is a combination of Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Aggregate that can be applied over steel or aluminum, for an additional layer of protection against moisture, chemicals, foot traffic…

What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Floors?

  • Waterproof: Epoxies are extremely waterproof and resistant to various chemical spills such as oil
  • Scratch Resistance: Epoxies prevent cracking even under the most extreme conditions like walking on rough surfaces with heavy equipment
  • Flexibility: Epoxies are very flexible and can be used in almost any environment
  • Cost Effective: Epoxy flooring is among the most affordable, long lasting, waterproof finishes for floors

Epoxy Flooring Installation Epoxy can be applied on many different surfaces including concrete floors, masonry walls and even metal. Epoxies come with a variety of textures and colors that we can change to create our own unique look. Epoxies have a fast curing time making installation quick and easy. Epoxies come with various levels of thickness as well as several sandable coats. Epoxies are typically less porous than other kinds of flooring giving them extra protection from cracks or damage under pressure. Epoxies are often infused with granules in order to give a textured look. Epoxies are worn by many because of their natural, smooth look and feel. Epoxies also come in a variety of colors to match any environment or personal taste. Epoxies protect you from falls and chemicals alike; they can handle it all!