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Epoxy Flooring Systems

Las Vegas is our company’s home town, and we love to serve it with the most incredible team available.
Epoxy floor coatings are one of the hottest trends sweeping homes, businesses, garages, and more. Epoxy flooring companies know how important your floors are to you, but we want you to know that we are the most affordable, professional, and efficient service around. Our expertise sets us apart from all the rest because we know epoxy. These floors are some the most beautiful, durable, and resistant around. You will no longer need to constantly be replacing your floors once we finish professionally installing your epoxy floor. Give us a call right now.
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Basement Epoxy Flooring
When you consider a flooring system for basement, epoxy flooring should be the first one that comes to mind, because it’s easy and affordable!

Basement concrete floor epoxy Sealer
There is a reason why homeowners around the country are switching to epoxy basement floors and that is because these floors can handle anything you and your home are going to throw at them without the need to be replaced. The mixture of resin and hardener create a strong and resistant surface that won’t allow the usual basement environment to damage your floors like moisture, leaks, water, temperature changes, and more.
There are many advantages that a basement epoxy flooring system has when professionally installed, that will return all investment you made in the floor:
  • Epoxy flooring can change your basement from an old and damp area to a new and useful area just by the designs you choose.
  • There are different flooring styles such as metallic, stained, and stamped epoxy that can transform your basement.
  • Mold, bacteria, and moisture typical to any basement have no bearing on epoxy floor coatings because it is resistant to all types of damaging materials.
  • This is one of the most durable flooring systems. If your basement is an office, a den, a storage space, or an air BNB, these floors will last through it all.

Garage Epoxy Flooring
When professionally installed, your garage can be the talk of the neighborhood.

commercial concrete floor epoxy
When you hire us to professionally install your garage floor epoxy, you are choosing the best protection you can at the best prices you will find. An epoxy garage is one of the best options you can make not just for your flooring but for vehicles and machinery that may occupy your garage space.
Epoxy garage floors are great options for owners because they are a real investment option with incredible qualities like:
  • Resistance to oil and car fluids, meaning, your garage floor will not stain or damage easily just because of unwanted chemical spills.
  • Dust and debris that can accumulate in a home garage can easily be swept away because of the resistant surface. This will also minimize the amount of dirt brought into your home if swept daily.
  • The ability to design and add properties like slip-resistance and high shine can completely change the safety of your garage.
  • With the even and seamless surface created by your epoxy garage flooring, your vehicles will also need less replacement because these floors create an easy environment on tires and equipment.
This is the easiest, safest, and most affordable option you will make, give us a call right now!
Epoxy Flooring
Las Vegas
With decades of experience, we want to help you with whatever you need. Our experts are the best around and they love what they do. We want to share our knowledge on epoxy flooring with you, give us a call today!
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Metallic Epoxy
One of the most sought-after epoxy flooring systems in the business.

Metallic epoxy flooring is the most beautiful way to stand out. The designs created by the professional artists who install these incredible floors will turn your floor from boring to wow. Whether you’re looking for an incredibly unique and elegant design for your home or business, we can help. Don’t let the beauty of these epoxy metallic floors fool you, they are just as tough, resistant, and long-lasting as any other epoxy flooring system.
Some of the benefits of a metallic epoxy flooring system include:
  • Epoxy offers distinctive designs because no two metallic epoxy floors will ever be the same. Even if installed by the same talented artist, your floor will be unique because each floor sets differently.
  • Metallic epoxy offers a 3D illusion that can only be achieved by a professional epoxy installer.
  • There is an incredible mirror glossy look that each metallic epoxy floor has that truly adds to the floor’s ability to spruce up any room or garage it is installed in.
  • Your beautiful design of choice will last you for decades without any need for replacement or updating unless you choose it.
Metallic Epoxy Floor 1
industrial epoxy floor Coating

Industrial/Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Whether you’re looking for a new flooring system for a warehouse or a retail shop, we can help.

Both commercial and industrial settings have a few things in common when it comes to flooring needs. Floors need to be easy, quick, manageable, and affordable. Epoxy flooring offers both of these distinct types of properties:
  • Flooring resistant to wear and tear by either high foot-traffic or heavy machinery use.
  • Strong and resilient floors to chemicals and everyday spills.
  • Beauty and safety with brightness and anti-slip possibilities.
  • Unique designs and quick installations.
  • Affordability across the board.
residential epoxy flooring

Residential Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring offers homeowners an easy way to truly customize their homes.

Residential epoxy flooring can be used in your kitchen, basement, living spaces, or garage. The ability to customize your floors and limit the amount of upkeep required to maintain your floors is revolutionary for homeowners. You will spend less time cleaning your floors and more time simply enjoying being home.
Bring your vision for your floors to life with epoxy flooring systems. To enjoy strong and long-lasting floors, give us a call.
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