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Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Our passion is rejuvenating your old pool deck
Your pool deck is exposed to harsh weather and chemicals almost daily. The sun in Las Vegas is sure to make your pool deck fade and eventually break down. We are the leading pool deck resurfacing companies in Las Vegas Nevada and we want to work for you! We have decades of experience so we can guarantee that this process will be fast and overall enjoyable. We will make sure that your pool deck is ready the Las Vegas summer, cause we know how much having a pool helps!
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Kool Decking

Affordable and high performing
cool deck pool
Kool decking has made a name for itself by being one of the leading materials used in pool decks since 1962. Pool kool deck offers an affordable and easy way to rejuvenate your backyard. Kool decking is applied in a way that requires no type of sealers to protect itself or add grip. The way pool kool deck protects itself from the harmful rays of the sun is an acrylic paint that reflects the suns rays, which also keeps it nice and cool on bare feet. The texture that resembles a “knock down” is what gives pool kool deck so much grip. When using kool decking, there are many ways you can design your backyard. Kool deck offers quite a few amazing colors that are sure to make your pool deck pop, we can also use multiple colors on your deck if you desire. Kool decking is a timeless and proven way that you can use to protect your concrete and family alike on your concrete pool deck.


Modern and easy to maintain
concrete pool decks
Pavers offer texture and color that no other material can replicate. With so many different types and styles of pavers to choose from, no other pool deck can possibly be the same! Pavers are also one of the most affordable ways to perform pool deck resurfacing and you can place pavers over concrete pool deck, so there is no need to tear out your existing concrete! Families in Las Vegas love how easy it is to maintain and even replace pavers are! Pavers don’t require any type of mortar, grout, or any type of sealer, so no cleaners are required! Pavers are exceptionally strong and resist most type of damage even while being under stress, but in the odd chance a paver does break, replacing it is as simple as picking out the paver and placing a new one in, that’s it! Boost the value of your home the easiest way possible, with pavers!
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Las Vegas Nevada
Our contractors love bringing an old pool deck back to life with their many techniques at their disposal. If your ready to turn your old and cracked pool deck back into an oasis, be sure to contact us for a quote today!
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Stained Concrete

Subtle but beautiful
If you enjoy the standard look of your existing concrete but you wish to make it resistant to harsh pool chemicals or make it a different color, an acid stain is the way to go. When you choose to stain your concrete, there are two roads you may go down, water-based stains or acid-based stains.
Water-based stains give you a consistent color throughout your concrete while acid-based stains react chemically to your concrete giving your replications of a natural store or polished marble. Not only is staining an awesome way to transform your backyards appearance, but it is also a good way to make it safer as well. With the sealer we install on top we apply a sand-like material that adds tremendous grip.
concrete pooldeck
pool deck resurfacing options

Concrete Overlay
Durable and Slip Resistant

A decorative concrete overlay is a stunning material that can replicate marble. Not only is it beautiful it can withstand quite a beating as well. Concrete Overlays offer superior traction with a top coat of sealer with an additive of a material that replicates sand giving it the texture almost like the grip on a skateboard. Pool deck resurfacing with a concrete overlay is sure to be a conversation piece at your next social gathering!
resurface pool deck

Tile Pool Deck
Stunning and Heat Resistant

Tile pool decks can really bring the feel of an exotic destination to your backyard. Travertine is the most common material used in this method as it is usually a light color, so it reflects light well making it nice and cool to the touch, even in the sun. Tile with a sealer on top is resistant to the chlorinated water in your pool as well, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Want to learn more about Pool Deck Resurfacing Services?

Still not sure if you need to resurface your pool deck or just need some questions answered? We have a few of the most asked questions below; be sure to contact us today with any more specific questions you may have.
When is a good time to resurface my pool deck?
The best time to resurface concrete pool deck is when you start to see the signs of aging. These signs include hairline cracks or minor cracks, fading or when you’re just plain tired of your pool deck. When you resurface, our contractors will make sure all damage to your decking is repaired before any type of new coating is applied to your concrete pool deck. A time when some homeowners choose to resurface their pool deck is when they are about to sell the house. Concrete deck resurfacing is a great way to add value to your home even if your pool deck wasn’t damaged to begin with.
What are the benefits of resurfacing my pool deck?
There are ample benefits to gain when you choose pool deck resurfacing. The biggest benefit to gain is the safety of all using the pool. When your pool deck starts to crack it poses a slipping hazard that can really hurt someone, and when the sealer or paint on your pool deck starts to fade, it can become very hot and lose its grip as well. When you choose concrete pool deck resurfacing you also get the benefit of a totally transformed backyard that will make your neighbors green with envy and your family fall back in love with the outdoors!
How long does the average resurfacing job take?
It all depends on which material you choose to resurface your pool with. We know how brutal the Las Vegas heat can be, so we work as fast as possible to get you back into your pool. When it comes down to a timeline, be sure to give us a call today and get a professional quote, our contractors would love to talk to you!
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