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We love helping our neighbors in Las Vegas with their industrial needs.

We understand that the flooring in your industrial facility needs to be ultra durable, resistant to harsh chemicals and stand up to the test of time without being damaged or wearing down. Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are a worry-free flooring solution that is sure to outperform all other types of traditional flooring while being safe and cost-effective. Allow us to tell you why industrial epoxy flooring is a safe investment for your company.

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Our industrial epoxy floor coatings have been made to take a beating. Whether it be from the constant traffic from forklifts or the accidental fall of a heavy object, our industrial epoxy floor coatings will absorb and dissipate the energy. Our industrial strength epoxy flooring in Las Vegas creates a thick layer that acts as a safety net to your underlying concrete that can last up to 20 years! This thick layer of epoxy doesn’t only resist damage, it also makes your concrete slab last up to three times longer as well as up to 300 percent stronger!
Many industries trust industrial epoxy flooring for its incredibly high tolerance for damage such as:
  • Aircraft hangers to store heavy aircraft and machinery to maintain the aircraft
  • Automotive showrooms and shops for its sleek appearance and stain resistance
  • Warehouses as epoxy flooring handles forklift traffic with ease
  • Data housing centers use epoxy for its ability to handle heavy equipment such as servers
    If your tired of having to replace your flooring every couple of years, make the switch to industrial epoxy flooring and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in a superior flooring material.


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Did you know that most industrial work accidents are caused by slips and falls? With our industrial epoxy flooring, you will never have to worry about your employees slipping and falling from floor related accidents. It is a common myth that epoxy floor coatings are a slick surface. While industrial epoxy flooring provides a very slick look, it is everything but slippery. Industrial epoxy flooring systems have been specially formulated to provide grip. Even in areas that are prone to moisture, we can provide a special additive to the top layer of epoxy that resembles sand that will provide even more grip. Not only will your employees be safe from moisture incidents, but industrial epoxy flooring is also a seamless surface so no tripping hazards are present with our flooring systems. We aren’t done yet! With industrial epoxy flooring, we can even implement designs that will create paths for forklifts, arrows to direct traffic and even create a barrier for your forklifts and employees on foot. Industrial epoxy flooring is one of if not the top flooring systems with safety as one of its top priorities.
Our contractors have decades of combined work experience so they know what it takes to make sure the job is done right. If you want a pro on your side, make sure to give us a call and get a quote today!
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Defend your subfloor

Water damage is a scourge in many industrial facilities today but it can be easily avoided with our industrial epoxy floor coating. Our industrial epoxy floor coating has been specially formulated to isolate any and all moisture on the top layer of the flooring. When moisture is able to seep into the concrete slab that will leak into the ground underneath to wash away. In most cases, this leads to serious structural damage that may not be repaired. Our industrial epoxy flooring in Las Vegas will protect your concrete with a nonporous and seamless surface that will keep moisture on the top layer of your flooring where it belongs for easy cleanup.
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Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering

Formulated to withstand the strongest

Some of the industrial facilities in Las Vegas may be handling or shipping harsh chemicals that may be accidentally spilled. When using an industrial epoxy flooring system, you won’t have to worry about your flooring deteriorating after a spill. Epoxy flooring is formulated to withstand the harshest chemicals on the market such as the chemicals used to clean hospitals and veterinarian offices. You can rest assured your flooring can take anything life can throw at it.
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Made to suit your needs

Our industrial epoxy flooring in Las Vegas can be used in any setting you may have in your facility. Our industrial epoxy floor coating contractors have a product for even the most sensitive areas such as an antistatic epoxy for a server room in a data center. We even offer low-temperature industrial epoxy coatings if you need flooring in a refrigeration or freezer storage room. No matter your needs, we have a solution just for you.
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