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Concrete Polishing
We are proud to serve Las Vegas as a leading company in flooring.
Want a sleek and low maintenance flooring system that can work anywhere, even your garage and basement? As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, we deliver beautiful yet high-performance residential polished concrete. Our concrete polishing service gives you an attractive, easy-to-clean, and ultra-durable floor that’s perfect for your garage, basement, and other areas like the laundry room and even the living room.

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Polished Concrete Garage Floors

Epoxy offers an affordable and low upkeep flooring solution.
Tired of dusty concrete? Stains? Cracks? Polished concrete in Las Vegas is an easy and low-cost way to update your garage.
A polished concrete garage floor in Las Vegas, NV can hold up well against all types of damage, including automotive fluids and stains, while maintaining its pristine and high-gloss finish. We can achieve any look you want for your garage with a stained polished concrete floor. Want to maintain the concrete look but with a highly reflective high-gloss finish that brightens your dark garage?
What about a beautiful stained concrete floor with a matte finish? We can make it happen with a garage floor that isn’t just beautiful; it’s also easy to sweep and stops concrete dusting for good.
Polished Concrete Garage Floors
basement floors

Polished Concrete Basement Floors

Epoxy offers an affordable and low upkeep flooring solution.
The most popular application for a stained polished concrete floor in Las Vegas, NV is a basement floor. Homeowners love that polished concrete is the perfect solution for finishing a basement and overcoming moisture problems. Our Las Vegas concrete polishing service can transform your basement from dark and musty to gorgeous and bright in a single day. There are few basement flooring options that offer the versatility, low cost, and durability of polished concrete.
What makes a polished concrete basement floor in Las Vegas such a practical choice for a basement? Its reflective surface instantly brightens your basement without additional light fixtures. We actually densify the concrete while it’s being polished to make it less porous and much harder to stain than regular concrete. It holds up very well against anything you throw at it, from heavy dropped objects and moving furniture to pet accidents, abrasion, and spills. If your basement ever floods, you don’t need to worry about replacing your flooring; polished concrete is a finished floor system that won’t be destroyed by a flood.
Our concrete polishing contractors can also give you any look you want with a combination of staining and polishing and saw cutting. From a matte finish to high-gloss, custom colors, fun effects, designs, and more, anything is possible with polished concrete.
Concrete Polishing
Las Vegas & Henderson, NV.
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Why Choose Polished Concrete in Las Vegas?
Our epoxy floor is made for assisted living centers, hospitals, & more.

A polished concrete floor in Las Vegas may not be the traditional choice for residential flooring but it comes with many advantages. A growing number of homeowners are choosing polished concrete because it’s a cost-effective and attractive way to transform an existing concrete slab into finished flooring. It’s easy to customize, incredibly durable, and easy to keep looking beautiful. It can work in a modern kitchen, country style home, or sleek basement. Here’s why Las Vegas homeowners love polished concrete.

Limitless Design Options

You have seen polished concrete in restaurants, commercial lobbies, and office buildings. You may think you have a good idea of what polished concrete looks like with its mirror-like finish. The truth is a polished concrete floor can have almost any look you want. Residential polished concrete floors can be any color, embedded with beautiful aggregates, or created with unique patterns using saw cuts. We also have great control over the reflectivity of your floor as the concrete can be polished to your desired level of smoothness and shine.

Incredibly Durable

It’s hard to beat a polished concrete floor when it comes to durability.
Your new polished concrete basement floor will resist damage from spills, moisture, pets, heavy objects, and harsh cleaning products.
This is because we create a densified and sealed surface for a floor that’s stronger than untreated concrete.

Affordable Cost

Our concrete polishing service is an affordable way to transform any room in your home. We use your existing slab-on-grade to deliver a new finished floor without traditional expensive floor coverings. Along with a low upfront cost, polished concrete requires very little maintenance and can last a lifetime.

Reflective Surface

Polished concrete is incredibly reflective to instantly and visibly brighten even the darkest basement or garage.
This can make your basement more liveable while reducing the need to install extra lighting.

Easy to Maintain

It doesn’t take much effort to keep polished concrete looking its best. A polished concrete floor in Las Vegas, Nevada requires little more than regular sweeping and mopping.
It doesn’t need to be waxed, polished, refinished, or sealed.

Want to learn more about Concrete Polishing Services?

Do you have questions or concerns about residential polished concrete floors? We are here to answer your questions! Here are a few frequently asked questions from customers. Please call us with additional questions or to request a free estimate.
Will my floors be slippery once they’re polished?
It’s a common misconception that polished concrete floors are very slippery. They definitely look like they could be slippery with their high-sheen polish and ultra-smooth finish. However, polished concrete has very good traction when it’s dry and clean. A dry polished floor is very safe but it can become slippery when wet. For additional protection, we can add a protective coating with anti-skid additives to guard against slips even when the floor is wet.
How does concrete polishing work?
Concrete grinding and polishing is done in stages to customize the look of your floor. The first stage is chemical treatments and rough diamond grinding to remove surface imperfections. Depending on the condition of the concrete floor, this rough grinding may be up to 4 steps beginning with a 20-grit abrasive. We will then polish and hone the surface of your concrete using multiple passes of successively finer grinding products until your desired finish is achieved. For an ultra-smooth finish that almost looks wet, polishing will end with a 1500 or 3000-grit resin-bond diamond disk. This process of using ever-finer disks is called lapping.
Throughout this process, we use a chemical densifier to actually harden the surface of your concrete. The densifier is invisible to the eye but it penetrates the concrete to harden and densify it. There is no need to apply a topical coating to the surface thanks to this densifier.
Are polished concrete floors prone to cracks?
All concrete floors, patios, and driveways will eventually crack. This includes treated, untreated, and coated concrete surfaces. A concrete slab will crack during its initial curing stage and then over its life due to expansion and contraction. The good news is properly installed concrete reduces the risk of serious cracks. Concrete contractors can also control where cracks will occur, draw attention away from minor cracks, and repair cracking.
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