Best places to install an epoxy flooring system

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In recent years business and homeowners have stopped associating epoxy flooring with industrial sites and have begun installing them on their properties. Epoxy has become the hottest trend on the market for interior design and for good reason, these floors offer benefits anywhere they are installed. Concrete alone is not a sustainable flooring option because it is easily damaged; however, epoxy coatings create a strong and durable floor that protects your concrete from everyday damages. A strong floor is more important to us than we realize on a daily basis, the only time we consider our floors is when something is going wrong with them, and by that point, our business productivity and home life have to adjust to a new issue. Some of the best places to install an epoxy flooring system in both residential and commercial settings are garages, retail stores, kitchens, restaurants, living areas, basements, lobbies, hotels, etc. The list is truly endless because epoxy floors do no damages easily and require little to no maintenance.

Residential epoxy floors are usually installed in a basement, garage, kitchen, or living area, however, that does not limit where an epoxy floor can be installed. Homeowners have begun utilizing epoxy floors in their common areas because decorative epoxy can offer them the best of two worlds; meaning, an epoxy stamped floor can mimic wood or marble but would not require the maintenance and repairs that those floors would naturally require. Even more traditional looking epoxy floors are being installed inside the home for rustic designs but that doesn’t affect the simple fact that epoxy will not damage easily. Using epoxy in garages or basements is a popular option because it offers a stain resistant surface that is also water and impact-resistant. Concrete alone is an extremely porous surface, for that reason, it will allow water to penetrate its surface and it will create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other bacteria that have the potential to spread throughout your home. With low installation costs and over a two-decade lifespan, an epoxy floor has become an easy solution for many homeowners.

Commercial epoxy flooring is the most economical and strong option for any business owner who wishes to focus less on their floors and more on their business. With a low maintenance floor that has unlimited potential for design, business owners save money by choosing epoxy floors. When you choose an epoxy floor for your business the high-gloss finish brings a persona of elegance and individuality into your space while simultaneously being the strongest flooring available. Beauty and strength are combined in epoxy flooring and the best part, installation is quick and painless, so your production time is not shut down for painfully long. When you have a high volume of foot traffic and you can’t keep tabs on everything that is spilled on your floors, installing a floor that can be slip-resistant is an important flooring quality that epoxy does have. So even though commercial epoxy floors look slippery, they are one of the safest floors available.
Epoxy flooring is beneficial everywhere it is installed because its qualities are desired by everyone who has the ability to install a floor, like business owners, property owners, and homeowners alike. Everyone wants to save money, spend less time cleaning their floors and have beautiful eye-catching floors all at the same time. Epoxy floors are the best flooring option for these reasons and more.