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Epoxy Flooring

As one of the most unrivaled epoxy flooring companies in the world, we are proud to serve the Las Vegas area.
Epoxy flooring is beneficial for more than one overall setting, meaning, residential epoxy, commercial epoxy, and industrial epoxy are all strong, beautiful, and affordable. Our Las Vegas team is licensed, professional, and experienced. If you’re looking for a friendly and talented contractor, call us today.
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Why Choose a Professional Over a DIY Kit

To reap the benefits of epoxy flooring you must call an experienced professional.
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Floors are an important factor for any home or business, so it is important to hire a contractor who is licensed to attend to your floors. Sometimes, a DIY kit may seem like it will save you money and time, but that is far from true. A licensed professional will be equipped to assess any areas that require repair prior to epoxy flooring installation and beyond that, they will be able to apply your new flooring system without mistakes. Choosing a professional to install your floors is vital to achieve the benefits of an epoxy flooring system.
Some of the benefits include:
  • Hiring a professional saves more time and money because our professionals have been in the business for many years. Having a licensed contractor lay your floors reduces the margin of error and can help reduce the amount of spending you will do with a DIY kit. When we inspect your floors, our professionals know what and how much of specific materials to use, whereas, if you’re attempting installation on your own, you lead the risk of overspending.
  • A better application of your floors allows you to have your floors for decades down the line. When you try to install epoxy flooring on your own you walk the line of needing repairs and new installments on a much more regular basis.

Preparation and Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy flooring preparation is important and should be conducted by a professional
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Commercial epoxy flooring, residential epoxy flooring, and industrial epoxy flooring all require a level of inspection and preparation prior to installing your epoxy flooring. Why? Because your concrete floors need to be clear of residual oils, prior paints or coatings, chemicals, or stains that could hinder the epoxy coating curing with your concrete.
It is crucial to hire one of our professional contractors to begin the process, which includes:
  • Our contractors will first inspect the project area thoroughly
  • Cracks, dips, or missing concrete will be evaluated and fixed appropriately
  • Grinding and/or deep pressure washing may take place to remove residual chemicals and to open up your concrete’s pores for the epoxy topcoat layer
  • Multiple layers will be added before completion
Our epoxy floor installers know how critical it is to time and apply epoxy perfectly in order to avoid any premature damage or floor replacement.
Epoxy Flooring
Las Vegas
Our team has combined decades of experience that serve no greater purpose than perfection for your floors. Professional, affordable, and speedy, we are here for you. Give us a call today for a free quote!
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Beautiful Floors

When installed by a professional, epoxy flooring is beautiful and unique.
Our professionals install floors that reflect you or your businesses’ personality. There are many combinations of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from that can make your floors stand out and shine like no other floor before it. When our professionals are hired, we ensure that each job is delicately done and eloquently finished.
Here are some of the ways to construct a beautifully distinctive floor:
  • Metallic epoxy for garages, showrooms, lobbies, and so many more areas are some of the most beautifully artistic floors we install. These works of art allow you to create a 3D floor that will capture the eyes of all who see it. No metallic flooring can ever be replicated, and they can be entrancing when done by a professional.
  • If you are looking for a color scheme to go with your floors, let us know because we have you covered.
  • Different textures are available to suit any needs in which our floors are installed.
  • Patterns to decorate your flooring system are available as well.
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Where Do We Install Epoxy Floors and Why?
Epoxy flooring systems are beneficial in many different types of areas.

There are many different industries that utilize epoxy flooring. Below are some of the floor styles that our professionals are able to complete:
  • Hotel lobbies looking for elegant shine and a glass-like finish
  • Kitchens who are interested in the anti-microbial ability of epoxy flooring systems and the floor’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Power, nuclear, and packing plants, who deal with heavy machinery and equipment. Our epoxy floors can also withstand heavy impact without cracking, scratching, or breaking.
  • Schools and cafeterias enjoy epoxy flooring because of the floors’ fire resistant quality.
  • Retail stores and commercial garages are always pleased with epoxy flooring systems because of their ability to be installed with slip-resistant qualities.
  • Homes with epoxy flooring look elegant and distinctive compared to their friends and neighbors.
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Affordable, Durable, and Easily Maintained
Epoxy floors are the only floors that will pay for themselves

Your epoxy concrete floor will return its own investment because of how long it will last. The longevity of epoxy flooring is unmatched by its competitors, and its ability to resist even the harshest of chemicals and stains is unfathomable. The durability of epoxy flooring reduces the number of replacements, touch-ups, overall care.
Your epoxy floors will be the easiest you have ever maintained. The floors’ resistance to stains is accredited to the mixture of resin and hardener that cures with your concrete’s surface to create a strong top layer on your floor. Due to this, a simple sweep or mop is all your floors will need.
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