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Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Las Vegas

Our epoxy flooring company is the best in the Las Vegas area.
Garage floors need to be strong enough to withstand some unpredictable environments on a daily basis, like, chemical, oil, fluids, and water spills. We provide floors that are not only strong enough to last for decades but that are beautiful beyond imagination for your garage. If you are ready for easy, beautiful, and durable floors, give us a call today.
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Epoxy Garage is Unique to You

Epoxy garage flooring can be made to be as unique as your personality.
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We know that your garage is an important space in your home and our licensed professionals are extremely experienced in making epoxy flooring easy and beautiful. Whether you are using your garage as storage space for your cars or a room for extra square footage in your home, you can rest assured that your epoxy floor does not have to look bland or boring; instead, with coloring, pattern options, and shine, your garage epoxy floors can become works of art.
Epoxy garage flooring should be beautifully unique to match your style. Below are some epoxy flooring design ideas that you can discuss with one of our professionals:
  • Choose between different textures for your flooring to add a spin to a simple look
  • Ask your professional about the option of metallic epoxy flooring in your garage to add a bit of a three dimensional look. This option creates a unique look that will never be able to be replicated.
  • Different coloring options give your garage a distinctive appeal that will have everyone wondering what you did and how they can do it too!
  • Patterns are also an option, allowing you to truly express your personality through your floors.
Your floors are the first impression you set when people or clients walk into your residential or industrial garage. With an epoxy garage floor your first impression is installed quickly, easily, and professionally.

Permanent Eco-friendly Footprint

Epoxy garage flooring is a great step towards your green footprint.
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When you simply have a concrete floor without any true coating or protective layer, you run into a constant issue- replacement. Concrete is naturally porous and therefore absorbs any chemical, oil, or vehicle fluid that permeates the surface. With an epoxy garage floor, constant replacement is completely eradicated because the resin and hardening coating that cures with your concrete resists any and all harmful substances.
Why is an epoxy garage better for your wallet and the environment?
  • Constant floor replacement is unnecessary
  • Fewer materials are used with epoxy flooring than there is when you completely replace your flooring.
  • When professionally installed, epoxy floors’d smooth finish is less stressful on machinery.
Eco-friendly choices for both home garages and industrial garages are easy and affordable, meaning, there isn’t a reason why an epoxy garage floor shouldn’t be installed. With a long lasting and friendly reputation, epoxy flooring is the right choice for you.
Epoxy Garage
Floor Installers Las Vegas
With decades of combined experience, Epoxy Flooring Las Vegas has professionals that will guarantee you an easy, quick, and affordable experience. With benefits that just don’t seem to end, an epoxy flooring system professionally installed is what you need today. Give our friendly team a call to get started.
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Epoxy Flooring isn’t Going to Peel like Paint

Unlike other types of decorative options and flooring techniques, epoxy will not peel away.
When you’re considering your next flooring option, there are a few things to remember about other types of materials and flooring options. Ordinary flooring and paints have a tendency to peel at the sight of trouble, meaning, water, chemical, or oil spills.
Below is a quick overview as to how we make epoxy flooring for garages stick around for the long haul:
  • Your floors will be inspected to ensure there aren’t any cracks, holes, or sunken spots that will need repair.
  • Then we will grind your floors in a way that is necessary to remove any prior coatings, paints, or chemicals.
  • The grinding process will make your floors exceptionally vulnerable to cure with the resin and hardener mix that makes the epoxy coating. Once the coating has been professionally applied it will cure with your concrete.
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Epoxy is Resistant and Durable
Garage epoxy offers a floor that will last for decades.

Strong and resilient floors are hard to come across for an area such as a garage floor. Garage floors need to withstand harsh impacts from dropped items, chemicals, car fluids, and temperature changes that naturally occur with a residential or industrial garage. Your new floors will protect against:
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Damaging chemicals
  • Bacteria growth that comes from high moisture
  • Stains and oil spills
  • Water damage
  • Fires
  • Hazard accidents such as slip and falls
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Easy Maintenance and Affordability
Epoxy is an easy choice for easier prices

Garage epoxy flooring is low maintenance for even lower prices. When you’re garage floor is stain resistant quick wiping and mopping is all that your floors will need on a consistent basis. Easy sweeps on a consistent basis will keep harmful debris from potentially damaging your surface.
Epoxy flooring is extremely budget friendly and even more so when you consider the decades of longevity they offer. With so many years ahead after installation, an epoxy floor will pay for itself. Our professionals want your floors to last, and we offer high-end materials for low-end prices. Give us a call today.
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