How much does it cost for epoxy flooring?

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There are two costs to epoxy flooring. Materials and installation. First is the materials. Epoxy flooring can be purchased by the gallon as it starts as a liquid. The pricing can range anywhere from $30 to $150 depending on the percentage of epoxy in the mixture. The more epoxy, the more expensive it is. Then, you need to actually install your new floor. You can attempt to do it yourself, with kits coming in around $600. But, epoxy flooring is actually a fairly difficult process. Solutions have to be mixed, the concrete base has to be prepared just right, and the drying and layering process must be precise. Any mistakes will result in chipping, uneven flooring, or bubbles. So it would be best to hire a professional and trained technician to install the epoxy. Most companies will charge by the square foot. So call today to get an official quote and start your journey to a stunning epoxy floor.