Professional guide to high performance epoxy flooring

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Epoxy floors are commonly used for commercial and industrial properties but have recently been making a transition into the residential scene. Epoxy floors are high performing, seamless, durable floors that last for decades. Many businesses, facilities, and homes rely on epoxy floors to keep their areas safe and clean; however, many of the benefits of an epoxy floor stem from a proper and professional installation. There are preliminary tests and procedures that must be done prior to curing epoxy with your concrete to ensure the floors longevity. Preparation and execution are important factors for many of the commonly sought-after benefits of an epoxy floor.

To begin with, an epoxy coating will require a clean concrete surface, so there should not be any residual sealants or coatings left on your concretes surface. The next step would be to have a contractor check and evaluate the condition of your concrete because there may be chips, cracks, or broken sections that require some repairing. The evaluation part of the entire epoxy flooring installation can make or break a well-installed floor. If your concrete is old there will be a few tricks a professional can test on your concrete to ensure there are no leftover chemicals that would hinder an epoxy installation. A professional will also ensure that the temperature where the epoxy floor is being installed is at a proper degree, this is conducted with proper installation equipment and should be left up to the professionals. Once all of the tests have been properly conducted and passed, the epoxy mix can be applied. This mixture is made up of resin and hardeners that turn for a liquid to a solid on top of your concrete floors. As this mixture cures in with your porous concrete, it begins to solidify, and with that comes many benefits of an epoxy floor. There are many steps prior to the actual installation of your epoxy floor that must be taken to ensure that you gain the benefits of an epoxy floor, so be sure to always hire a professional.

An epoxy floor, when professionally installed, offers a high-gloss seamless surface that brightens up any room or facility it has been installed in. Its hard-wearing surface creates a strong environment that will not shy away from heavy foot-traffic and it is easy to install. Along with durability, it’s resistant to oil, water, and is easy to clean. An epoxy floor can be installed to have safety features no other flooring system offers and it can look good while doing it. With unlimited combinations of color, design, and pattern, an epoxy floor can take a dull and uninviting floor and turn it into a unique experience. Maintenance for a well-installed epoxy floor is zero to none with very little ever needing to be replaced or repaired. Having your floors professionally installed is so important once you realize how quick, easy, and inexpensive an epoxy floor is when it is correctly installed.